Nico Moreno : a mainstream DJ who turned into a key player of French industrial techno

par marion watier
Nico Moreno derrière les platines

Within the past couple of years, Nico Moreno has become a reference in the French industrial techno scene. Due to medical reasons, the young producer recently had to take a break from music. Now that he is back, he’s more than ready to experience 2023 as fully as possible ! 

Nico Moreno : from mainstream clubs to techno gigs

Nico Moreno’s first encounter with music was behind a booth. It all started when he was 15, in his home town in Normandy, on a small controller. As he kept meeting new people, he found himself mixing EDM, trap and hip hop in local nightclubs.

One day, he stepped into the world of techno music and co-founded a collective, Techfrut, alongside Axel Picodot. This discovery led to an ultimatum : either sticking with mainstream clubs or starting from scratch in the techno industry.

Nico Moreno at Blackworks © ontheshoots

Nico Moreno at Blackworks © ontheshoots

Nico made up his mind to the latter option and took the plunge. As of today, he has become a major actor of the French techno scene.

Thanks to his technical knowledge, his connexion with his audience and his sharp industrial techno productions, the young artist has come to play at the biggest festivals and clubs in Europe. He’s ascending fast and his success has only just begun !

Studio, label and touring : the best is yet to come

Indeed, the horizon of 2023 looks more productive and busy than ever. After a much-needed break to get surgery on because of a knee injury, Nico Moreno is getting ready to make his big comeback on stage on March 3rd, in Antwerp.

Although he was resting, Nico didn’t sit around and took advantage of these few weeks of break to come up with his first album ever. Destructive melodies and captivating vocals, the producer will get the opportunity to play his creations during his many upcoming tour dates.

The project will be released on his own label, Insolent Rave, which he also plans on expanding this year. The artist will share his latest finds and will help young talents to grow, just like he did throughout his years of experience.

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